University Eye Hospital Svjetlost

The University of Zagreb has an Ophthalmology Department. It was headed by Prof. Nikica Gabrić, PhD, one of the most renowned and successful ophthalmologist in Southeast Europe. Dr. Gabrić is also head of the first Croatian eye bank, which he founded in 1994, when he decided to open his own clinic, Svjetlost (meaning light in Croatian).

Svjetlost started formally in 1998 in an apartment with a single excimer laser and just one other ophthalmologist and two nurses completing the team. Two decades later, the Svjetlost group has seven clinics in five different countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and a sister clinic in the Republic of North Macedonia) with over 200 employees, 60 ophthalmologists , 400.000 patients and 135.000 operations performed.

Mr. Gabrić enthusiasm for continuous improvement and hard work has spread among the next generation of clinicians. He believes investing in people is a prerequisite for a good leader and that the success relies on the whole team. So far, 30 specialists have been trained in Svjetlost most of them starting straight after medical school and the clinic is still training future ophthalmic experts.

Today Svjetlost is one of the largest and the best equipped eye clinic in Europe using state-of-the-art technology available in the world. Known to have the highest standards of technical support and knowledge, Svjetlost constantly proves to be a representative of the latest technology in ophthalmologic practice. It is the first private University clinic in Croatia with the parent institution situated in Zagreb. Svjetlost has a center in Split and neighboring counties in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Novi Sad in Serbia and Budva in Montenegro. Svjetlost doctors are top specialists with experience of tens of thousands of surgeries. They approach each patient individually to seek the best possible solution for them.

The Svjetlost group has a similar structure as other models known for medical excellence in the world. The centre in Zagreb has 6 fully equipped operating rooms, 8 specialized departments to deal with certain anatomical and functional parts of the eye. Svjetlost also has the cutting edge diagnostic and outpatient units, an eye bank unit, laboratory for blood tests, and an internal medicine unit. Svjetlost centre has a multifunctional conference hall equipped with multimedia digital equipment for live broadcasting surgeries from the operating rooms and multimedia streaming in the form of teleconferencing for live transmission of image and sound as a part of video conferences with other clinics in the country and abroad. The clinic offers single and double bedroom apartments for postoperative stay for patients with 24-hour care provided by the staff of the Clinic.

In addition to laser vision correction, cataract surgery and corneal transplants, Svjetlost also perform vitrectomy - the most complex ophthalmic surgery, glaucoma surgery with the installation of mini glaucoma shunt (drainage implant), strabismus surgery, plastic surgery of eyelids and sty, prosthetic cosmetic surgery of implanting silicone spheres, etc.

Eye Clinic Svjetlost has received numerious awards for quality guarantee. The latest award was received in 2018 as Svjetlost was the first health institution in Croatia and in the region to receive the renowned International Star Diamond Award that was presented by Joseph Cinque, the president of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. This award is in addition to many confirmations of excellence Svjetlost has received in the field of ophthalmology over 20 years of experience in providing top quality services. 

The main awards Svjetlost has received are:

As well as being one of the leading ophthalmology clinic in the world, Svjetlost offers its treatments and surgeries in the shortest possible time without waiting lists.

World famous celebrities and athletes have chosen Svjetlost

    Because of Svjetlost experience in the field of Opthamology and its unique quality of services world famous celebrities and athletes around the world are coming to Croatia to entrust Svjetlost for their eyes and improved vision. The lastest is the most famous British actor Tim Roth known worldwide for his impeccable roles in the cult Quentin Tarantino's movies. He has flown from his new drama series, which was filmed in Liverpool, to Croatia to permanently solve his vision problems. 

    Mr. Roth was seen on December 10th, 2019 at the Regent's Hotel in Zagreb busy reading on the phone. Journalists and the public did not understand how, after 40 years of blurre vision, he could read text on his mobile without the need of glasses, thanks to the surgery done just a day before at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic. 

    Professor Gabrić, PhD and his team conducted the surgery in which Mr. Roth and his wife Nikki were implanted with the newest multifocal lens, Synergy, with extended focus available exclusively at the Svjetlost Eye Clinics. Moreover, Svjetlost was one of the top 3 clinics in the world to implement this revolutionary lens since day one on the market less than six months earlier. The couple was seen at the Christmas market in Zagreb having a great time just a few hours after the surgery.

    On April 27th, 2019 Ivana Trump was staying in Zagreb for a few days. The main reason for her visit to Croatia was to have an eye surgery, successfully performed in the University Eye Hospital Svjetlost. That’s how the American president’s first wife permanently solved her eye vision problems. Ivana Trump is a worldwide known person who decided to entrust her eyes to Croatian experts of the University Eye Hospital Svjetlost and to professor Nikica Gabric, Ph.D., who performed the surgery himself. Other world famous stars, such as Armand Assante, Franco Nero, Rade Serbedzija, and Croatians Tin Srbic, Maksim Mrvica, Oliver Dragojevic, Zvonimir Boban, Miroslav Blazevic and many others have also solved their eye vision problems in Svjetlost.

    On  October 31st, 2018, Mr. Franco Nero, a famous Italian and a worldwide actor, decided to have his eye surgery done in Zagreb, Croatia, just a few days after the American actor Mr. Armand had found a successful sollution to his vision problems in Eye clinic Svjetlost in Zagreb. Multifocal lenses were installed which solved Nero vision problems, specifically cataract and dioptre and the operation was done by prof. Nikica Gabrić, Ph.D., MD in cooperation with his team. Franco Nero could have solved his vision problems with his doctors in Rome or London, but he came to the Eye Clinic Svjetlost by the recommendation of Svjetlost previous patient. “This is the best proof that with the quality work we gain the trust of our patients and that even someone from the small country like Croatia can compete with the world's best ophthalmic clinics”, said the founder and director of the Clinic Svjetlost, prof. Nikica Gabrić, Ph.D., MD.

    Encouraged by Armand's experience and his enthusiasm with prof. Gabrić and the team of Clinic Svjetlost, Mr. Nero finally decided to solve his vision problems, in Croatia. “I'm the happiest when I'm on a set. I like to create, I work my whole life, and that makes me happy. In total devotion to my greatest love – acting, I have been restricted by my bad vision that becomes worse as the years passing by. From today there are no more vision problems because I can see everything around myself perfectly" said the 76-year-old actor.

    Tin Srbić the World Champion in Gymnastics also has chosen Svjetlost to solve his vision problems. Svjetlost Eye Clinic left an extremely positive impression for Srbić.

    Before the surgery, he said he might have had a slight fear, but afterwards he could see the results. “I don't think anyone should be afraid. The operation was painless and lasted ten minutes. My first training after the surgery was incredible. For the first time, I was able to see the time from the clock in the hall. I could even see the needle counting seconds move. The feeling at the crossbar was far different, everything was easier and simpler. With the perfect vision, this will be a new dimension that will force me to be even better.

    All material and photos are the courtesy of Svjetlost Eye Clinic.