St. Catherine

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is a European centre of excellence for advanced diagnostics, orthopaedic procedures and spine surgery with pain management, and for many more medical fields. St Catherine combines multidisciplinary approach with the latest equipment in order to provide top diagnostics, procedures and examinations.

At St. Catherine specialty hospital, eminent experts are brought together who are involved in continuing medical education which guarantees that superior healthcare service will be provided to the patients. Physicians working at St. Catherine Hospital are affiliated with all four medical schools in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek). The hospital is also a teaching hospital of major Croatian universities and medical schools, and it is licensed to carry out research in bio-medicine. Croatian Ministry of Science and Education that has announced that St. Catherine Hospital has become “Scientific Center of Excellence for the Personalized Medicine in the Republic of Croatia”. European Commission also recognized hospital’s quality and awarded St. Catherine, along with other consortium members, with the “Pain Omics” project totaling of 5.9 M Euros.

St. Catherine continuously delivers superb services in the medical field. It is one of the few places in Europe where new methods are used, such as application of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in clinical practice, more precisely, to use MSC for cartilage repair. St. Catherine’s orthopedic team made a new medical alternative: the meniscal transplant, an arthroscopic procedure that can slow the onset of arthritis dramatically. The hospital is also one of the pioneers in utilizing pharmacogenomics testing such as RightMed® test.

St. Catherine is the official hospital of the Croatian Olympic Committee, and the official hospital of the Croatian Football Federation as well. More than 200 top athletes in the past few years have been treated at the hospital. Among them are Garry Kasparov (former World Chess Champion), Marin Čilić (Winner of the US Open 2014 ), Aleksandr Viktorovich Khoroshilov (the first Russian male to win a World Cup race (Schladming, 2015) Gordan Giriček (NBA player: Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, Utal Jazz), Bojan Bogdanović (NBA player: Brooklyn Nets), Mario Mandžukić (football player: Juventus, Italy and Croatian National Soccer Team), Luka Modrić (football player: Real Madrid, Spain and Croatian National Soccer Team), Ivan Rakitić (football player: Sevilla, Spain and Croatian National Soccer Team), etc.

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