Rident services

Rident was established in 2003 in Rijeka in accordance with the vision and mission of its founder and director Željka Miljanića, DMD. Since the very beginning the mission of the Rident Polyclinic was to return the smile of the patients faces. With our modern equipment and the growing team of specialists, we offer a comprehensive dental service in-line with the world trends.

Rident has opened its first polyclinic in Rijeka with 6 studios and in 15 years the system has grown to 24 studios. In addition to the dental studios, Rident has a radiology department, dental laboratory and the oral surgery department. In May of 2013 Rident has opened a polyclinic in Poreč with 16 modern studios offering advanced dental services. These comprehensive services of dental medicine in one place, enable us to ensure that each our patient leaves with a smile.

Today Rident has an interdisciplinary team of more than 150 employees, doctors of dental medicine, specialists in various branches of dental medicine, dental assistants and technicians, that offer modern dental services. With 38 studios, two radiology departments, two oral surgery departments and three dental laboratories on two locations, Rident Polyclinics is the largest dental medical center in the region and serves 60.000 patients annually.


Following the tradition of the regional leader, with our large pallet of services, we see Rident Polyclinics always a step ahead. We are ready to hold on to the competitive advantage in the region, challenge new markets, while achieving the goals of our employees, loyal and satisfied patients, board members, business partners, as well as the community and a whole.


With the tradition, quality and knowledge of our employees we create new smiles and surpass the expectations, while enjoying the loyalty of our patients.

Following the tradition of continuous development and active participation of the Management Board in achieving continuous quality improvement, we bring


All our activities are carried out in accordance with the needs of our patients, for whom we continuously improve the quality of business processes in accordance with the adopted procedures and standards, and they are the result of:

  • the requirements of the applicable legislation,
  • the expertise, motivation and loyalty of our employees,
  • the application of advanced technologies and modern dental doctrine,
  • the partnerships with our customers (patients) and suppliers,
  • the continuous concern for the safety of our patients and employees and their overall environment.

Rident returns smiles!

The results are achieved through management and continuous quality improvement in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Dental Smile Design

DSD service uses digital technology to photograph, plan, scan and provide treatment for achieving beautiful smile. Patient’s face, smile, expressions and teeth are documented with photos, followed by digital mock-up of a future, better and more attractive smile. When the patient is satisfied with the proposed results and look, minimally invasive grinding is done in order to prepare the teeth for a final scan. With the scan the final imprint of patient’s teeth is created, which is then used to make definitive prosthetic replacements. Patient decides together with the doctor which materials will be used. After the prosthetics is made, it is applied to the patient’s teeth and the new, beautiful smile is achieved.

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