Dentex services

Have you ever thought that you could spend a beautiful vacation at the seaside, and at the same time take care of your teeth? Now that’s all possible with the Dentex dental clinic. Dentex services comprise a quick response to your inquiry with the most favorable price estimate, complete organization of your arrival to the clinic, examination with the Dentech system, consultations, dental treatment performed by a team of experts, a relaxing reception area, accommodation in the elegant Dentex suites, transport to the clinic, a city tourist guide and much more.

The Dentex Dental Clinic and Implantology Centre is located in the town of Zadar in Croatia. Since its founding, Dentex has established itself as a modern, innovative and high-tech dental clinic. Dentex expert team of doctors and assistants provide the latest technology, top dental materials and a modern dental laboratory. Dentex constantly invest in know-how and education, in new equipment and materials and continuously track the advancement of science and technology. Modern technology and high quality materials enables Dentex to provide the best services in the areas of diagnostics, implants, surgery, prosthetics, periodontology, aesthetis and general medicine.

Diagnostic activities are needed in order to assess the condition of the dental cavity, to identify potential risks and to define the most appropriate treatment methods for each patient. For these activities, Dentex has at its disposal advanced equipment, such as the 3D intraoral scanner, orthopantomograph (OPG) and digital intraoral X-rays.

All dental prosthetics are made in Dentex modern laboratory, which places technology and know-how in first place. The laboratory is situated within the dental clinic, which allows it to create dental prosthetics of supreme quality and precision. Throughout the intervention, Dentex dental technicians are in constant contact with the dentists.

Dentex strive to exceed their client´s expectancy for excellent dental services. Dentex also acknowledges that time is an important factor for the patient when it comes to extensive and complicated treatments. This is especially important for clients who do not live in Zadar and are travelling a long way for their dental treatment and enjoying their holiday at the same time. For that reason, Dentex overall services is performed in the same facility in Zadar to guarantee consistency and quality of service within the best available time frame possible for the benefit of their clients.

Furthemore, Dentex has implemented the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 standard designed to support the companies aspirations to meet clients needs and to ensure a constant quality level. This is of exceptional importance for all Dentex clients and to gain their confidence in the work provided and full satisfaction. Dentex knows that this is a long term procedure throughout and therefore continuously strives to improve the firms overall quality of work and on providing a high level of dental services.

Along with high standard dental services, Dentex also offers special benefits for their clients such as:

1. Meeting patients and accompanying them to the clinic.
2. Shuttle service in official vehicles.
3. A luxurious waiting room with a relaxation room, which occupies 200 square meters.
4. Accommodation in single or double room in the clinic complex for traveling customers.
5. Constant care for the patient by Dentex employees during and after the treatment.

Dentex mission is to make the client´s visit a positive experience. Their clinic uses the latest technology to ensure the very best outcome no matter of the dental condition. Dentex guarantees that the materials and procedures of its products and services are free from defects. A 10 year warranty guarantees that materials (prosthetics and implantology) will be replaced free of charge if found to be inconsistent with the specified properties.

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