Children and Strabismus

Svjetlost is the only clinic in South East Europe to carry out surgeries for all types of strabismus (horizontal, vertical, palsy, nystagmus, double vision) without waiting lists. Svjetlost also performs strabismus surgeries on adults and the surgery of opening and irrigating the tear duct in children under a short-term general anesthesia. 

Svjetlost uses the same methods and surgical techniques used in the world's best centres. Svjetlost has performed the largest number of strabismus surgeries compared to all other private ophthalmologic institutions in Croatia and neighbouring countreis and enjoys a long time cooperation with the Department for Children and Strabismus of the Ludwig Maximilian University Clinic in Munich and with prof. Oliver Ehrt.

Crois d.o.o. is a private company that is not linked to or owned by or being a part of the Svjetlost Eye Clinic.