Center for Spine Health

St. Catherine’s Center for Spine Health provides diagnosis and treatment of painful conditions of the spine with the most modern methods in order to improve patients’ quality of life. Its surgical team specializes in minimally invasive procedures and surgical procedures on the spine. Professionals at St. Catherine take individualized approach to the patient that includes a comprehensive diagnosis of acute and chronic pain of all segments of the spine.

Modern way of living with little physical activity and long office hours increases degenerative changes of the spine. 80% of people at least once in their life have an episode of back pain and about 10% of patients suffer chronic pain (when it lasts more than 12 weeks). Causes of pain can be the following: disc and facet joints of the spine degenerative diseases, sacroiliac joint problems, soft tissue and bone stenoses of the spinal canal, and instability and deformities of the spine.

At the Center, minimally invasive procedures are performed under local anesthesia for therapeutic interventions and for revealing causes of the spine pain. St. Catherine hospital also performs operations of all parts of the spine, with emphasis on disc herniation surgery of the cervical and lumbar spine, minimally invasive stabilization and dynamic stabilization. Interventions are made in the state-of-the-art equipped operating room equipped with Philips Veradius digital X-ray mobile device.

Available procedures at the Center are:

  • Minimally invasive vertebral intervention (MEVI)
  • Laser Disc Decompression
  • Endoscopic operations of the spine
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Operations on the spine

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