Center for Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is based on health evaluation and various testing from the fields of genetics, pharmacogenomics and glycomics. Services available at the Center for preventive medicine are:

  • General health evaluation
  • Post COVID-19 syndrome health evaluation
  • Pharmacogenomics - RightMed® test
  • Proactive genetic tests
  • Diagnostic genetic tests
  • Glycomics

Top quality health care begins with a regular annual screening that can detect early all risk factors for the development of chronic diseases, thus allowing successful treatment on time. At the Center, patients can have complete check-up at one place done by St. Catherine’s team of top doctors with the help of the most modern diagnostic equipment, following the principles of individualized medicine.

The Center for preventive medicine implements the latest knowledge of molecular medicine for the purpose of early diagnostics to design optimal therapy for each patient. Personalized medicine is a new concept of health care that presents a completely new form of individualization of the treatment approach in order to optimize the effect of the therapy and to avoid adverse therapeutic effects. Although new, this concept will become standard medical practice in the future.

With that methodology and knowledge, the Center provides the following:

  • Personal approach and counseling on how to realize, preserve and improve your health and reduce the risk of chronic illness
  • Education in adopting a healthier lifestyle
  • Helping patients understand the relationship between genetic variation and disease development
  • Education about optimum choice as well as optimum dosage of a drug according to the genome analysis of each individual in order to avoid its adverse effects
  • By analyzing glycan (sugar) content participating in protein modification to determine patient’s biological age in relation to chronological age
  • All services in one place

St. Catherine is especially proud to be a place where RightMed® test is available for patients. The RightMed® comprehensive test, co-developed by Mayo Clinic, is a doctor-ordered medication response test that analyzes patient’s DNA to determine how the patient metabolizes certain medications. The analysis identifies which prescription drugs are — or aren’t — likely to work based on patient’s genetic makeup and current prescriptions. Depending on the genes, patient’s body may break down a drug too slowly or too quickly. In the first scenario, the patient can be exposed to too much of it. In the second one, the patient may not get enough of the drug to have any effect at all. Getting a medication response test can help the doctor adjust the medications to be more effective for the patient.

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